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Therapy Defined

Therapy addresses one’s deficits related to balance, walking, getting up and down from bed and chairs, assist with daily living skills such as brushing teeth and hair, dressing and undressing, helps with speech and swallowing and so much more! Therapy also helps with decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, and strengthening the body to increase mobility. Develop function where there is loss, teach new skills where there is impairment, educate residents, caregivers, and family. All helping to improve mobility and allowing a client to live as independent as possible.


We have a highly trained staff working throughout the State of Wisconsin in a variety of settings. We come to you! Stay in the comfort of your own home, and we will come to you. Our Interdisciplinary Team is dedicated to helping our clients reach their maximum potential.

Helping You Live Better

Our services will bridge the gap in the rehab process. The same skilled therapists will work with a client from the acute stage throughout the entire continuum of care. Once clients have achieved a certain level of abilities and are no longer homebound, the same therapists can provide additional needed therapy in their own home. This will further the client's rehabilitation.